Joshua Johnson

North Vancouver-Seymour

Joshua Johnson

North Vancouver-Seymour |

I am running in this election, because I believe that elected MLA’s should actually listen to the voices of their communities. I will listen intently and sincerely to the citizens of my community and I intend to respond to all questions as fully and honestly as I am able.

I believe that we need to take immediate action to protect our natural environment. Preventing expansions to unsustainable fossil-fuel industries, locally with the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and province-wide is issue of immediate importance. But we must also transform our society to a carbon-less one going forward. Education, transportation, poverty and social equality, and First Nations are also issues of incredible importance for which I will fight very hard.

As a young person, I feel that my generation has the most at stake going into this election, and therefore feel it incumbent on me to take action. I am open to change, open to your ideas, and am excited to hear from as many voices as possible in the months ahead.

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About Joshua

Raised in North Vancouver, Joshua attended Argyle Secondary School, where he was instrumental in the student actions and demonstrations that occurred during the 2014 labour dispute. He appeared on national radio and TV, and brought the issues directly to North Vancouver-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite, but was largely ignored.

Between 2015 and 2016, Joshua served as a House of Commons page in the Parliament of Canada, where he worked closely with MP's and political staffers of all stripes in both official languages, and gained significant knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the Canadian political system.

Joshua enjoys spending as much time as possible in nature, and participating in lively political debates. He currently works as an Aerial Tramway Operator at Grouse Mountain Resort. If elected, Joshua will serve as British Columbia’s youngest ever MLA.

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