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Hondo Arendt

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When I was still a political science student at university I knew that I wanted to get involved in politics. At the time I felt like I should simply join with one of the largest parties - after all, that would be the likeliest path to "success." And so I did. But it never felt right. In fact, I grew quite disillusioned with the entire process. Politics seemed to be full of hypocrisy - mostly full of people chasing selfish agendas and trying to sell this as "good for everyone."

It wasn't until I started to get involved with the B.C. Green Party (many years later) that I felt I'd found what I'd felt politics should be - people actually working for the greater good. The B.C. Green Party looks at the big picture. It thinks about the long term. And it tries to find the "right" thing to do, even if it isn't personally profitable.

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Hondo Arendt is a college professor at Northwest Community College. He has lived in the Northwest for most of his life, residing in Houston, Terrace, Kincolith, and Prince Rupert. He has worked for the local college for 25 years, primarily teaching Political Science and History. He has three daughters, all born in this region. He has been a candidate for the Green Party in the past, both in provincial and federal elections and continues to be impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of B.C. Green Party supporters.

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