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It’s more important now than ever to Think Global and Act Local, to understand the interdependency between all, and contribute as stewards of the planet. Our opportunity is for BC to be recognized as world leaders balancing economic growth, social support and environmental sustainability. The time is now to put green principles to work! Let me be your voice; the voice of the community and stand up for you in Victoria!

We have challenging issues that require effective solutions while being fiscally responsible. These solutions won’t be realized by spending more tax dollars. They’ll be achieved by working together, united as a community with common goals. With 17 years volunteering in this community and 30 years of professional problem solving experience, together we can break the trend of inadequacy and inaction. It’s time to do the right thing and do more than just vote; it’s time to take a stand and be involved, time to reject the status quo, embrace science, reject polarizing ideas that you have to choose between the economy or the environment, and it’s time to reject the idea of vote splitting because only by working together can we stop the erosion of our democracy.

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About Peter

Peter received his associate degree in computer science from Sheridan College and worked for leading edge technology companies including Autodesk and Hewlett Packard. He later became an entrepreneur by creating an award winning Computer Aided Design System business with six employees. As his expertise in Engineering Data Management grew he took on the position of project manager for a California based software company travelling to Asia, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, New Zealand and across the US implementing engineering data systems. Currently, and for the past 8 years, Peter works for NAV CANADA as their National Technical Data Management System Analyst, providing solutions in Aviation Engineering Data Management.

Music is an important part of Peter’s life. Peter has achieved his Royal Conservatory for piano which lead to creating and composing his award nominated Caribou Moose Children recordings. He has recorded three albums and was honoured to be a JUNO Awards Judge in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Peter also performs professionally with the Elton John Tribute Band as well as on his own or as a cello piano classical duet.

Peter volunteered as a RCMP Auxiliary Constable and as the Area Commissioner for Scouts Canada both positions required training, qualifications and a high degree of professionalism. He has been providing a leadership role in community by serving on the Board of Directors of the Maple Ridge Arts Council, the Maple Ridge Christmas Festival Society, Spirit Wood Festival, North Fraser Blue
Grass festival, and the Silver Valley Neighbourhood Society. Peter also served on the organizing committees for Earthday, the GETI festival, and many other local events.

Peter is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Haney Rotary, and the 31st BP Guild, a group of experienced Scouters that serves and supports local Scout and Guiding groups.

Peter’s involvement in the community has been recognized by the Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce - nominated for business excellence 2 years in row, and received many formal notes of appreciation and plaques from the Disability Games, The Salvation Army, Community Services and the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation.

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