LNG will sabotage BC's climate action leadership

LNG will sabotage BC's climate action leadership

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I refuse to let the BC government sell out an entire generation of British Columbians with an LNG giveaway. We demand it show the leadership we need to create a diversified and resilient 21st century economy.

This summer Premier Clark has recalled the Legislature to debate a single bill that would allow the BC Government to freeze the tax rates for LNG projects for 25 years. Future Generations of British Columbians are being sold out as the BC Liberals desperately try to land a single LNG final investment decision before the next provincial election.

Their over-the-top exaggerations of wealth and prosperity from an up-start LNG industry were never grounded in reality. They are prioritizing the industry at a time when LNG prices are plummeting and the global market is already oversupplied - with even more uncertainty ahead. The BC Liberals are giving away our province's natural gas resources to a foreign state-owned, multinational corporation. They are putting their political interests ahead of the long-term well being of British Columbians.

This past year, we saw how disastrously this type of thinking worked out for Alberta - so why would we follow them down the same path? We do not want to build a boom and bust economy in British Columbia.

It’s time to say ‘no’ to this generational sellout and ‘yes’ to a diversified 21st century economy.


To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled:

The petition of the undersigned, residents of the Province of British Columbia, states that:

Whereas it is uneconomical in today’s global market to establish an LNG industry in BC;

Whereas the BC Liberals plan to tie the hands of future governments, preventing them from making changes to royalty rates, carbon tax rates and natural gas tax credits;

Whereas under this plan, British Columbia will not only miss its legislated greenhouse gas reduction targets, but dramatically increase its greenhouse gas emissions and impact on climate change;

Whereas there are numerous opportunities for BC to grow its creative and resource economies through the creative economy, high-tech industry, renewable resources and tourism;

Whereas the BC Government has a responsibility to put the interests of British Columbians ahead of their own political interests;

Your petitioners respectfully request that the BC Liberals end their singular focus on LNG, withdraw from the generational sellout embodied in the proposed Project Development Agreement with Petronas and instead move toward supporting a diversified and resilient 21st century economy in British Columbia.

Dated 8th day of July, 2015.

Will you sign?

Will you sign?

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