Leaders and spokespersons

The Leader of the BC Green Party is elected by party membership at a leadership contest vote. In the absence of an elected Leader, party membership determines when to hold a new leadership contest. Provincial Council may appoint an Interim Leader while the position of an elected Leader is vacant.

The Leader of the party has sole discretion to appoint Deputy Leader(s) and Spokesperons.


Leader: Andrew Weaver
Deputy Leaders: Sonia Furstenau and Matt Toner

Campaign chair: Adam Olsen

To contact the Leader of the BC Green Party, please email leader@bcgreens.ca.



Agriculture and food systems: Kim Charlesworth
Democratic security and human rights: Michael Markwick
Education: Jonina Campbell
Environment: Sonia Furstenau
Finance and the new economy: Matt Toner
Forestry: Dan Hines 
Intergovernmental relations (including Indigenous affairs): Adam Olsen
Rural development: Rita Giesbrecht
Transportation: Jerry Kroll
Youth and intergenerational equity: Mark Neufeld

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