Sonia Furstenau

Sonia Furstenau


Over the last few years, I have learned first hand that by working together we can make extraordinary things happen.

In Shawnigan, we've had to learn how to work together out of crisis.  We have emerged as a strong, determined community that insists on protecting our watershed, and our future.

We've also worked together to achieve the goals we have for our community - through cooperation and collaboration, the Shawnigan community secured a 250-acre park that will be the anchor of our vision to be a recreational destination for hikers, cyclists, and water sport enthusiasts.  

As a CVRD Director, I've learned that the best way to represent my constituents is by working collaboratively with my fellow directors and across jurisdictions.  I have also been determined to empower people in the community by bringing people into the decision-making process and always ensuring that there is opportunity for input.

It's this approach to politics that makes the BC Green Party the clear choice for the 2017 election.  As a BC Green Party representative, I will ensure that we work across party lines in order to do the best for my community and for all communities in BC. 

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