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Ian Soutar

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I want to be the MLA for Coquitlam Burke Mountain so I can help change the landscape of BC Legislature. Until now, Victoria has been dominated by corporate and union interests, keeping the older generation in their pockets with hefty political donations, while forgetting entirely about youth and the future of our province. It is my goal to shift political focus to young people and their futures living in British Columbia. No one should have to live tens of thousands of dollars in debt for furthering their education, and we shouldn't be subjected to the will of oil and gas companies who have no interest in the well-being of our citizens. As a youth representative, I will engage youth and all voters to participate fully in our democracy, to help form a sustainable future for our people, and to foster a cooperative, collaborative relationship between all parties in this great land of ours.

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Ian Soutar is a world traveller at heart. He spent years of his youth living in Mexico, Australia and Brazil and has travelled to many other countries to see how the world works around him, facilitating his aptitude with languages. He is fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Upon his return to Canada, Soutar worked as a landscaper but also wanted to focus on environmental issues. At the time, Canada was in the final days of the Harper government, and there was no clearer way to help his country than by getting politically active. The political path inevitably led to the Green Party where he first got involved as social media chair for the federal election.

Since then, Soutar has been more focused on engaging youth, currently working as the Youth Representative for the Green Party of Canada, Co-Chair of the Young Greens of Canada and as Vice-President of the Tri-Cities Rotaract Club.

Soutar is also very active in many community organisations including Rotary International, Fair Vote Canada, the BC Health Coalition, Force of Nature, Amnesty International, the Audobon Society and Tri-Cities GreenDrinks, among others.

Soutar has also spent a great deal of time engaging youth at local universities, helping form Green campus clubs at Simon Fraser University and the University of the Fraser Valley.

Within the Green Party, he has attended both BC and federal Green conventions in Victoria, Ottawa and Calgary and has tabled his own amendment to the GPC constitution with the goal to adopt online participation in conventions, to allow for greater access to youth and other minorities.

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