Annual general meeting

Annual general meeting

Date: Saturday August 19, 2017
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Shoal Centre, 10030 Resthaven Dr., Sidney, BC

If you are attending the AGM but not the rest of the convention, please RSVP here. 

Agenda item
Explanatory notes
  1. Call to order (Chris Pettingill, Chair)

  1. Rules of order for this meeting (Amrita Ahuja, Parliamentarian)

The BC Green Party uses its own "Green Rules of Order" for general meetings of the membership. They are designed to support robust, respectful debate, and concensus-building.

  1. Approval of agenda

  1. Approval of minutes of 2016 AGM

The 2016 BC Green Party AGM took place on Sunday June 4, 2016 at the Cadboro Commons Building at the University of Victoria. Minutes from the AGM can be read here.

Minutes are only available to members in good standing. You must be signed into your BC Green Party website account to access them. Please consult our FAQs for instructions or support.

  1. Reports:

    1. Chair’s report (Chris Pettingill, Chair)

    2. Election report (Christina Winter, Secretary)

    3. Ombudsperson’s report (Simon Rear, Ombudsperson)

    4. Financial report (Aird Flavelle, Treasurer)

    5. Policy Committee report (Bill Masse, Policy Committee Chair)

  1. Policy resolutions

Policy resolutions can be read here.

  1. Appointment of auditor Jane Burns (Aird Flavelle, Treasurer):

Be it resolved that Jane Burns shall serve as the BC Green Party’s auditor for 2017-2018.

  1. Leadership contest:

Be it resolved that the party is not required to hold a leadership contest prior to the end of the 2018 AGM.

This is a routine motion required annually by our party by-laws.

  1. Party elections:

    1. Results (Michael Wheatley, Returning Officer)

    2. Introduction of newly-elected members:

      • Vice Chair (2 years)

      • Secretary (2 years)

      • Councillor-at-Large (2 years)

      • Regional Rep. - Fraser Valley - Surrey (1 year)

      • Regional Rep. - Lower Mainland (1 year)

      • Regional Rep. - North (1 year)

      • Regional Rep. - Okanagan-Kootenays (1 year)

      • Regional Rep. - Vancouver (1 year)

      • Regional Rep. - Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast (1 year)

      • Female Ombudsperson (1 year)

      • Male Ombudsperson (2 years)

  1. Closing remarks (Chris Pettingill, Chair)

  1. Adjournment

  1. Next steps


Resolution to approve BC Green Policy: A Vision for the Future, 2017 version
Submitted by BC Green Party Research and Policy Committee.

Whereas membership approved the 2016 version of BC Green Policy: A Vision for Our Future at the June 2016 AGM as a living document that will continue to evolve through member discussion;

And whereas the process to develop the party platform for the May 2017 general election involved extensive discussion with hundreds of members through online suggestions, online meetings and the work of the Policy Platform Advisory Committee;

And whereas the platform development process identified many ideas for filling gaps in existing policy;

And whereas the Research and Policy Committee drafted and inserted new policy statements included in BC Green Policy: A Vision for the Future (2017 version) based on these ideas;

Be it resolved that BC Green Policy: A Vision for the Future (2017 version) be approved as the official compilation of BC Green Party policy to date – August 19, 2017.

Link to BC Green Policy: A Vision for the Future, 2017 version. New text is highlighted in yellow. Text to remove is struck-through in red.

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